Here are some websites and blogs that I occassionally dip into for inspiration before and after I watch movies:

Roger Ebert, the late, great American film critic, maintained a list of ‘great movies’. His knowledge and range was phenomenal and often if I haven’t ‘got’ a film I go to his reveiw to give me a greater perspective:

Dan North, an film academic, maintains a blog which explores a range of movies from mainstream Hollywood to international arthouse. He was based in Exeter, so a lot of what he writes about I have access to in the library here. He was also my PhD external examiner and seemed very friendly. Read his randomised approach to viewing the Star Wars movies, or his dissection of Don’t Look Now to get a sense of his style.

Tony Zhou‘s series of YouTube video essays is great. Again his range and insight is inspiring – in particular watch his analysis of Akira Kurosawa movies.

Jez Winship‘s blog: Jez knows a staggering and frightening amount about both great movies and esoteric matters – frenquently connecting the two. Without his comments I might not have spent that week with Valerie…

Catherine Grant‘s epic repository of film studies resources: